Hong Zhou - Founder 

Hong was one of the 100 Special Prize winners of "the first English Language Contest for Chinese University Students", of which the contestants were over one million. As a result she was awarded several prestigious international scholarships to study in the West, and has obtained comprehensive expertise in various fields, including history, philosophy, art,psychology, law and healthcare et al. 

The successful experience of learning English as a foreign language has enabled her to develop unique and highly effective methods to learn and teach foreign languages. Her Japanese and Korean languages skills have reached an intermediate to advanced level after six months self-study. She is currently teaching herself French.Moreover she completed "the first UK based Professional Training Programme on Chinese Language Teaching, delivered by the Confucius Institute Headquarters".

She can stimulate your curiosity and motivate you to learn in an exhilarating, creative and persistent way. If you are a beginner, it is guaranteed that you can have basic conversations after two to three sessions, or even feel confident to deliver an informal speech.  She also helped clients get excellent marks in GCSE and HSK exams.The pool of her clients included New York City Based Ziff Brothers Investments, a scion of Fiat Founder, De Beers Jewellers, Finnar, lawyers, well-known musicians and directors as well as Xanadu Consultancy et al. 

Pablo Picasso said "Had I been born in China, I would have chosen to become a Calligraphist instead of a painter". It demonstrates that the beauty of Chinese Calligraphy is highly appreciated in the world of art. Greatly influenced by her father, Hong has been practising  Calligraphy for decades. Her works were previously exhibited in China and Finland as well as featured on the official poster of a movie production named Jade Warrior. She was also invited to have an exhibition at "the first European Bob Dylan Symposium" held in Caen, France, even the American Consul attended its opening ceremony. Her clients included a professor from the Royal College of Art and university students majoring in Chinese language. 

Several years ago Hong was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn Jingan & Changshou Gong, a type of Taiji practised secretly within the Chinese Taoists communities. It shares a common rationale with Chinese Calligraphy practice, of which the essence is the follow of Qi and energy. 

Further Hong was born and grew up in Yunnan Province, where 25 types of the Ethnic Minorities people reside. This gave her an advantage to learn a wide range of dances since childhood. When studying in universities, she was also selected to be the Head of the Literature and Art Committee, and acted as a lead choreographer and dancer in various performances to celebrate seasonal festivals. 

ALCL aims to provide South East Asian languages and cultures, art, Taiji and dance training via small group classes, one to one tuition and cooperate training et al. Please ring 02071646085 or email info@hongrainbowconsulting.comto discover how ALCL can meet your needs. 

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